Preparing your cat

Kittens generally take to boarding readily and have a wonderful time playing with their toys and our staff. Adult cats are usually nonchalant and are quite content to rest, eat and make friends with us.

You can ensure the best vacation for your cat by preparing in the following way:

10 Days in Advance

  • Make sure that you have written proof that all of your pet’s vaccines are current. We require the Rabies and Distemper.
  • We recommend that the following vaccines have also been given within the past 12 months:

FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis)

Feline Leukemia.

1-2 Days in Advance

Prepare and assemble your check- in information. The following will be required when you check in.

  • Your itinerary, in case we need to contact you.
  • Names and phone numbers of at least two emergency contacts.
  • Your veterinarian’s name, phone number, after-hours number and address.
  • Any pertinent medical information about your pet, such as allergies, seizures or other special health concerns.
  • Check in form- we can email you the check-n form in advance and you can bring it with you when you check in.

Items to pack for your pet

  • Food –BE sure to that you have enough food for the boarding period.
  • Treats-Cats have a reputation for being “finicky” and in many cases it’s deserved. If there is a special treat that your cat enjoys, we ask that you provide an ample supply for the entire stay. Otherwise, we gladly provide health, nutritious treats for the kitties.
  • Toys-A variety of interactive and/or self-play toys from home would amuse your cat during his or her vacation.
  • Bedding-Our cat condos are very spacious and there is plenty of room for bedding items that your kitty is used to, such as a bed, basket or blanket.

The Day of Arrival

Allow time to check in. We do not recommend dropping your pet off “on your way to the airport”. Our pets are very sensitive to our moods and feelings. If you are feeling stressed due to worry about catching a plane, your friend will arrive at the hotel agitated and concerned.

  • Feeding- It’s okay to maintain your cat’s normal feeding schedule on arrival day. Cats are not normally bothered by digestive upsets caused by the excitement of boarding.
  • Relax! Your pet is in very capable and loving hands.